Vendor Spotlight: Diamond Label Films

At our other full time gig as photographers, Erin and I have had the pleasure of working with Joshua Booth, owner of Diamond Label Films, a number of times over the past few wedding seasons. He’s shot at Little Lights a few times as well, capturing the day beautifully for our couples.

Josh is professional, talented, and really fun to work with! We want to share a little about his business with our readers and encourage you to check out his work if you are looking for someone to capture your memories on film or photo!

Hi Josh! Tell me a little bit about yourself.  I’m a 37-year-old husband and father of four. I reside in Coralville but grew up in Freeport, Illinois. Some things I enjoy the most are listening to music, being creative, and helping others.

What is it that you do? My business is Diamond label Films, and I do primarily wedding video and photo. I’ve been doing photo and video for 7 years now but just started offering wedding photo 5 months ago. I got started with music videos and transitioned to doing some corporate video work, and then I made my way into weddings. I started Diamond Label for the weddings because I wanted that to be separate from my commercial music video stuff, which started in 2011. Diamond Label started in 2015.

About how many weddings do you shoot in a year? I shot 15 or so the first year. The next year was 33. Last year was 62 or 63. This year we’re around 40. It’s averaging right now about 40 per year.

Do you ever travel for weddings? I love to travel for weddings. I’ve been all the way to Texas and Mexico for weddings. Last year I went to Philadelphia, Texas, Mexico, Indiana. This year I had inquiries for Mexico, Colorado, Tennessee. I do book outside of Iowa and enjoy doing that.

What is the most exciting part about weddings for you?  I like knowing that I’m capturing someone’s day that they will forever be able to look back on. My favorite part is knowing how important the video is for them. I’m not just bringing the flowers. I’m with them the entire day. I like weddings that are different, when people think outside of the box or allow me to be creative and think outside of the box.

A recent poll found that 35% of brides say that not hiring a wedding videographer is their #1 regret from their wedding day (source). What do you think about that statistic? We are just as important as your photographer. What people need to know about wedding video in general is it should be considered just as important as your photo and any other part of your day. People spend so much money on making the perfect day happen, but then there’s nothing that really captures that the way video does. Video is the thing that’s often overlooked, and it’s really the one thing to spend money on that captures the feeling of that perfect day you planned. I hear a lot of people say they wish they would have had one. What couples could do is figure out what they want to spend on both photo and video and split that because video is just as important. Photo can’t capture speeches, sounds, or motion.

Do you have any other advice for couples looking for videographers? Experience matters. When it comes to hiring make sure this person has enough experience under their belt. Weddings are about being able to handle any situation and a true professional who has seen it all and has the experience to work in a high-pressure environment and handle any situation is worth the money spent.


Ready to learn more about Diamond Label Films? Head on over to his website at and check out these samples of his work by following the links below!

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See his work at Little Lights (starting at 1:33)!

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